Newest Slot Game Releases in NZ

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
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Are you tired of playing the same old games? Do you want to try something fresh and have the chance to win great prizes? Never fear, we’ve got you covered. There are many new online pokies for real money arriving at some of your favourite online casinos.

Every year, the pokies online are getting more and more exciting and contain incredible graphics, sound, and engaging gameplay. Of course, it’s always evident which games are going to be more enticing for you to play, so we’ll provide a good range of themes and stories that you’ll surely like.

Many of the online casinos we’ll mention even have some great no deposit free spins, so while you’re checking out new titles, ensure you make use of the sites’ offers. Here are some of the newest and best games for you to try.

Viking Voyage

Viking voyage slot

Back in the day, Vikings were obsessed with obtaining loot wherever they landed after setting sail, and it seems things haven’t changed now at all! Viking Voyage is packed full of Norse imagery and lore, including everything from longboats to horned helmets to axes.

One thing you’ll have to keep an eye out for is the Golden King himself. When this ruler emerges, it can only mean good things, as his appearance triggers some respins that will help you on your way to finding more treasure!

Become the warrior you were born to be, grab your sword and shield, and get ready to start your Viking Voyage for the chance to pick up major loot.

Treasure Room

Treasure room slot

All those movies and books about discovering buried treasure hidden somewhere in a cave always sound fun… well, why not try finding some buried fortune yourself? Treasure Room lets you become the adventurer that gets all the fame and glory in this enjoyable pokies game.

Start your quest to reclaim hidden treasure chests, priceless artefacts, and all sorts of beautiful diamonds, gems, and rubies that are just waiting for you to find them after centuries lost.

Make sure you don’t miss the Rare Treasure round, where you can earn exciting bonus prizes that are truly an exceptional discovery. Simply follow the treasure map and don’t forget that X marks the spot!

Gates of Olympus

gates of olympus slot

As much as it irks them, the Gods require your help. Yes, the likes of the almighty Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon have enlisted you to carry out a major quest on Earth. Impress them, and you may find that you’ll have riches and splendour for many years to come. Disappoint them, and feel their wrath at your peril!

Olympus is the home of the Gods, and if you make the right choices and have the strength, courage, and wisdom to complete the games that Zeus and co. planned for you, then uncountable treasures await! Don’t delay anymore, see what the Gods have asked you to complete.

Jungle Stripes

jungle stripes slot

It’s unusual to find buried gold hidden deep in the jungle without facing a few dangers along the way! You’ve been given a treasure map and it’s your task to locate all that hidden bounty, but watch out for the animals and other threats in the jungle.

You won’t be the only person tracking down this lost treasure, so make sure you make all the right moves and smart decisions to beat every other hunter and find it first! Of course, big jungle cats, poisonous snakes, and all sorts of secret traps will try to prevent you from reaching the gold as well, but defeat everything in your way and you’ll get the prizes!

Pokies and Promos

Those are just a few of the latest and hottest titles to come online at these great casinos. However, these are certainly not the only new pokies, so by all means, browse around the sites and discover the hundreds of entertaining games with big prizes.

As well, the online casinos all have their own special welcome offers and bonus deals after making deposits, so check out the promotions that appeal to you.


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