Updated Updated: August 4, 2023


Updated Updated: August 4, 2023
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PayPal casinos – a list of New Zealand sites accepting PayPal payments

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Whether you are an avid casino player or not, PayPal is one of the most recognisable names in online payment services, both in New Zealand and worldwide. There is a high chance that you already have an account with PayPal that you use for other online services. Considering this, you can quickly transition into PayPal as you already have an account. You will be able to head straight over to a Paypal Casino and play online poker for real money or any other casino games.

If you don’t have an account, it might well be in your interest to find an online casino that accepts PayPal due to the benefit its awards to users. This page will explain all there is to know about casinos with PayPal based in New Zealand. You can then get out there and start making payments with one of the leading payment services in the world.

About PayPal

PayPal launched at the turn of the century and was ahead of the curve when the internet exploded in the first decade of the 21st century. Partially owing to the popularity of their parent company eBay, they have long been the quintessential tool for buying and selling products worldwide. Over time, they have gone from strength to strength as they perfectly fit the needs of many users making transactions online quickly and safely.

This is the cornerstone of the PayPal business model. Their ambition was always to make transactions as simple and secure as possible. Due to this, they have become a popular means by which to make transactions in numerous industries. They have continued to broaden their horizons in making transactions online. They can now be found as a payment provider in many of the largest industries globally, with millions of users worldwide. As such, today, whether you are booking a holiday, buying retail products, or indulging in online entertainment, PayPal will be found there at the checkout page to ensure that you have peace of mind when paying online.

The latter of these options are most relevant to indulging in casino gameplay if you are from New Zealand. This is because, alongside the rise of online casinos, PayPal was a well-established, trustworthy brand that betting establishments and players alike knew and trusted. That is, while online, numerous betting sites accept PayPal, and whether you are a sports or casino betting fan, you will be able to find multiple sites that accept PayPal.

How does Paypal work?

If you are from New Zealand and a PayPal casino sounds appealing, you will likely want to know how to use the option. Like the rest of their service, it starts easy. You can be up and running on PayPal in no time and will be ready to play at any of the PayPal casinos in NZ. Without further ado, let’s look at the process involved in setting up an account and begin enjoying the perks of being a member of a PayPal casino.

To get started, you must have a bank account, a credit card or some other way to fund your PayPal account. You can then register at their site and fill in the required verification process that they have in place. You then have three options to use the PayPal service at an online casino in NZ.

The first way to start spending on PayPal is to connect your bank account directly to their website. You can then fund your PayPal balance with the account or connect it with it directly when you access it via your casino. You can do the latter of these two options regarding a credit card. As such, when you process the payment, you can select the card, and PayPal will deduct money directly from this card. Regarding these two options, you can add multiple bank accounts or credit cards if you have them. The final way is to find a way to fuel your PayPal funds directly. You can do this by transferring money from your bank card or being transferred funds by another person. This will give you a PayPal balance, which you can draw from directly when making payments.

Now you can make payments and withdrawals at online casino NZ with PayPal.

PayPal for making payments

Once your account is up and running, using it to fund your account works the same way as if you were depositing via another method. All this entails is clicking on the cashier section of your PayPal Casino and entering the amount you want. After that choose PayPal, and the casino will redirect you to their website.

You will have to choose from one of the three options mentioned here. You pick either, and the money will be debited from that selected amount. Regarding PayPal casinos in NZ, the minimum deposit will be between $10-$20. It will usually be uncapped but may also be restricted to around $500-$1000.  

PayPal for making withdrawals

When it comes to making withdrawals via PayPal at NZ Online Casino, it is nearly the same process. Head over to the cashier and select the amount you wish to withdraw. In this instance, though, the process will work slightly differently. When you withdraw funds, rather than going directly into one of your payment options connected to the account, it will go directly into your PayPal balance instead. Once in this location, you can keep the funds to make transactions elsewhere via this balance. Alternatively, you can manually move the funds from your PayPal balance to your bank account or other options attached to your account.

PayPal bonuses

While PayPal-strictly bonuses are not particularly prevalent at online casinos, most casinos sites that accept PayPal as a deposit method will let you claim bonuses using PayPal deposits. Whether you are depositing to PayPal Casino NZ for the first and trying to claim the welcome bonus or returning to the casino to get a reload bonus, you can use it to claim it. While this may be the common rule at casinos, depending on the different bonus T&Cs, PayPal may not qualify. Be sure always to read these to ensure you aren’t missing out.

  • Tried and Trusted Service: With two decades of experience in dealing with transactions online, including at some of the biggest names in retail, you could not choose a more seasoned veteran when it comes to online transaction conduction.
  • Security: PayPal prides itself on its security capabilities.  They have very secure software which makes it very impenetrable to hacks. However, the majority of transactions are also insured which means that nothing untoward can occur with your funds.
  • Ease of Service: Setting up an account is a easy three-step process, while making transactions when you are up and running is very straightforward, with multiple ways to make use of their service.
  • Consolidate Financial Services: You may already have a PayPal account which means the transition to using it at online casinos super easy. However, even if you don’t have an account it is well worthwhile as you can use it at multiple other places online too.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals Possible: Unlike some payment services, you can use it to get money in and out of your account, quickly and easily.
  • Limited Choice: When compared to other payment providers, PayPal is not as widely found. This means you may be slightly limited when it comes to places you can bet with PayPal. This said, there is still plenty of online casino in NZ that do allow it, so you won’t be looking around too long.
  • Fees Attached: PayPal is not exactly fee. In some cases, you may need to pay for transactions, this may be added to a casino fee that the platform has in place also. Meaning that can soon add up if you aren’t careful.


Considering this, finding PayPal Casinos is an excellent option for NZ players looking for a safe and trusted way to bank with online casinos. This is especially true for those with an account with PayPal. It allows you to consolidate your payment options and use the same service to select your online financial services.

However, even if not, it is still a superior service to many other options you can use at online casinos. It has an easy-to-use interaction that makes transactions easy to complete.


PayPal is very safe, indeed. It has 20 years of experience making transactions and abiding that you take the necessary precautions when it comes to passwords, there is a low chance of being hacked. What’s more, is that many transactions will be insured for extra security.

As PayPal is a worldwide service, f you can find a casino that offers PayPal, it should allow you to use all the services they offer, this includes bonuses and other promotions. However, always read the T&Cs to ensure this is the case before depositing. The only issue may be finding a casino in the first place as there are many  casinos that do no support it as an option.

While setting up and account, maintaining an account, and transferring funds to friends or families is absolutely free. You may incur fees for transactions at online casinos, both from PayPal and potentially, also the casino.

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