Special Symbols In Online Pokies to Help You Win

Updated Updated: April 8, 2022
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If one thinks that playing pokies online for real money in NZ gives players no extra chances of winning – they’re wrong! Although slot machines are, indeed, extremely easy to enjoy, these particular casino games offer players special symbols that can boost one’s winnings significantly.


One of the symbols that brings more winnings and bonuses in slots is the Wild symbol.

This symbol is like a chameleon – it can change into any other symbol, thanks to which winning combinations appear on the reels even more often.

Please note, however, that this symbol does not substitute for Free Spins, Scatters or any other bonus symbol.

For example, as you spin the reels of your favourite online slot machine, you get a payline with a combination of monkey-monkey-rabbit-monkey-monkey symbols. Under normal circumstances, this is a waste. However, if the rabbit is a wild symbol in this slot, it means it replaces the missing monkey, making you the winner!

starburst wild symbol
Wild symbol on Starburst


Let’s start with a small clarification. Remember that not all online slots have Scatter symbols. So it’s a good idea to check whether the slot has this symbol before starting to play for real money or even for free.

The function of the Scatter symbol is very simple: its purpose is to trigger free games or bonus rounds.

Of course, you need to hit the correct number of symbols first. How much? Most often, online slots require two or three Scatters.

These symbols have the added benefit of being subject to the paytable. In case a slot machine requires two symbols to trigger bonus rounds, you will receive coins for those two symbols before you even start extra rounds. The maximum payout is, of course, five scatter symbols.

The principle of their function, as well as the number of required symbols, varies depending on the pokie you play. Therefore, check the details before the game so as not to be unnecessarily disappointed.

book of dead scatter


Online slots with multipliers give you the chance to increase your winnings easily. You can double or triple your winnings, some slots can even offer you a x10 multiplier.

In short, multipliers will multiply your winnings by a certain amount.

Everyone loves to win, and if you play online slots with multipliers, you’re on the right track to grab extra cash. Nowadays, online slots offer exciting features but one of the most attractive ones you can enjoy is the multiplier.

Multipliers have the ability to increase your winnings, and while many slots have them, you’ll be surprised how many don’t. So, if you’re looking for multipliers, it’s always a good idea to check the in-game paytable first.

mega money multiplier
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