The Lowdown on Comparing Different Free Spins Bonuses

Updated Updated: April 8, 2022
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You’ve probably heard it here and there, but what are free spins bonuses all about? In a nutshell, online casinos offer free spins deals to entice new customers to their website. 

These bonus rewards not only give Kiwi gamblers a chance to test new online real money pokies, but also the possibility to win free cash. In some cases, casinos give free spins to existing customers as a way to thank them for their loyalty.

Think you’re ready to learn more about free spins bonuses? Read on to discover how you can compare the different types of rewards you’ll find at online pokies. To get you started, here are some free spins no deposit for NZ players that we already know you’re going to enjoy.

Top Tips for Finding the Best Free Spins Bonuses

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These are some of the things you should consider when you want to review some of the offers of free spins bonuses.

  • The size of the bonus – The offer may well appear fantastic, but sometimes other online casinos can provide bigger and better options. Shopping around for the best deal can be the difference between a decent prize and an incredible prize.
  • The terms and conditions – Occasionally there are some shifty details that you don’t often notice until you read the fine print. The most important detail is if you can use the free spins bonuses on only one particular game or for any title available in the online pokies section of the casino. 
  • The trustworthiness of the casino – We only like to recommend online casinos that we actually trust. The reputation of the website is important, as some casinos are trying to scam you. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for before using it.
  • Min and max payments – Many online casinos require you to pay a deposit or a certain wager amount in order to claim any free spins bonuses. This is actually quite normal, but just be aware of this fact before signing up.

The Various Types of Free Spins Bonuses Explained 

These are the common types of phrases you’ll hear when playing online pokies. 

1. Free spins no deposit

Perhaps the most common type of deal an online casino will use to attract new customers, free spins no deposit is also the best one to look for. This means you won’t have to provide any payment upfront when you join a casino, but instead make use of your free spins. Free spins with a deposit is commonplace in online casinos, which just means you’ll have to add some of your own money before playing.

This option is great because you can try out which games you prefer and you can play without any risk because, well, the spins are free! Best of all, you’ll even be able to keep any winnings you might acquire, or you can use the money in your player account on other games in the casino.

2. Free spins on sign-up

Pretty much what you expect: You can claim your free spins as soon as you join the online casino and your registration is finished. Sometimes a deposit is needed to get the offer, but it’s usually not the case.

With this deal, you have something to get you started at the online casino and there’s the chance to win real cash on your first try. The great thing about these types of deals is that you can sign up with different casinos to take advantage of the offers, or simply stick with one you like.

3. Free spins no wagering

There are quite a few online casinos out there that require you to wager a particular amount of your money to pick up the free spins. It’s fairly common so don’t run away because you think it’s a scam! However, there are options such as free spins no wagering, so if you earn any prizes from the pokies or casino games, then you keep what you receive. 

It is possible that online casinos want you to wager several times during a game before you’re even allowed to withdraw your money, but no wagering means that it’s simple and easy to pick up your prizes.

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