The essential role of Gambling Commissions

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
gambling commission

The role of a gambling commission is to protect the welfare of all online players within a specific jurisdiction. Unfortunately, the online gambling world is full of scams and greedy companies who are not intent on running their casino business legally. There are many gambling commissions around the world monitoring and regulating the online casino NZ landscape within their area, and they have you and all the other player’s best interests in mind as they try to keep the rogue casinos from operating.

How do they Protect Players?

Players want to be able to trust the online casino in NZ that they sign up to and play at.

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The fact that players have to hand over bank details and personal information means that these online businesses need to have the appropriate security features and banking policies in place.

Acquiring a gambling license is a long and detailed process that ensures only law-abiding casino companies get accepted. It’s no easy feat to get accepted at any of the big-name gambling commissions like the UKGC, MGC and GGC.

All players relate these gambling licenses with trust and respect and it’s the first check that players make when visiting a new casino homepage. It’s essential that the gambling authorities carry out thorough background checks on each and every casino license application. Saving the player’s welfare and personal details from falling into the wrong hands is their number one priority.

Did you know? The license checklist is notoriously long but the major criteria include clear and honest ownership details, separation of player funds, clean history with no links to crime, business competency and sufficient long-term finances to run the casino and pay-out prizes to players.

Why is a Gambling Commission so Important?

The role of gambling commissions is becoming more important as each year goes by. It’s simple to see that the number of online casinos is increasing dramatically and this makes it easier for rogue casinos to slip through the net.

Monitoring all online casino activity within each of the authorities jurisdictions and keeping a strict licensing process is key to keeping these unlawful casinos from targeting honest players.

These strict measures are essential and although casino companies might be unhappy with these increasingly stricter guidelines, it does bring more protection to the players.

The reassurance of a gambling license from the likes of the UKGC, MGC and GGC allows players to sign up to a casino with confidence.

Here are the top two advantages that a gambling license gives an online casino:

Player Protection – All players are protected in terms of personal data storage and this removes the risk of cyber data attacks. All the appropriate safeguards should be in place so the data is safe and that it also won’t be misused in the future.

Fair Gaming – The gambling commission ensures that all the games at a casino are random and use true RNG mechanics. The RTP rates are also constantly monitored and checked to make sure players are receiving the correct winning chances and prize amounts.

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