Top 7 Perks Of Being A VIP Casino Player

Updated Updated: August 2, 2023
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Online casinos offer all players the ability to try their luck. But it’s no secret that a small number of VIPs brings more profit than a bigger number of low to moderate players. And this is why VIP or loyalty programs are offered!

The best online casinos in NZ will get players in their loyalty program the second they sign up. How you progress through it and what rewards you take is all up to you. It’s a simple rule – the more you give, the more you get. 

Let’s see what these rewards are!

The Benefits You Can Reap

There are various incentives that Kiwis can earn when they become part of the big leagues. Each casino has a different loyalty program, but they all tend to revolve around the same VIP rewards.

Here are the top 7 perks you can get from stepping into a loyalty program.

Special Bonuses

Every online casino in New Zealand seeks to make their customers happy. And this is especially emphasised when it comes to VIPs. Aside from the usual bonuses, top tiers will also get the chance to enjoy some special rewards, available only to them. 

We’re talking free spins, significant cashback percentages, extra deposit matches, and so on. This can sometimes even include a bigger frequency of one bonus. 

No Withdrawal or Deposit Limits

In all online gambling hubs, players must respect the limit imposed on them when withdrawing or depositing. But this rule is tossed out the window when it comes to VIPs.

New Zealand high rollers don’t have to worry about nearing or crossing this limit because usually, the limits are more favourable or non-existent. You can withdraw or deposit as much as you want. 

Exclusive Games

Although this is usually tied to brick-and-mortar casinos, online hubs lean on it more and more. Those Kiwis that the casino deems as loyal players get to experience some new releases before any other average player can. 

To add more, VIPs also get notifications and various invitations to participate in the casino’s tournaments. NZ gamblers can get free entrance to a competition or a hefty bonus to start the journey.


Players mostly crave the personal hosts out of all casino bonuses and additional perks. These generally come after you’ve proven your stay, i.e. when you’ve been loyal to the casino for a longer time. 

Hosts are there to make your stay even better. They will give you the royal treatment and help with any problem you might face. You can ask for assistance with your withdrawals, overall account management, tips and tricks for different games, and so on.

Birthday Gifts

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Most casinos will give gifts to their loyal customers on their birthdays. When you sign up to an online casino site, you provide your personal information, letting the operator know your birthday. 

This way, if you climb up the ladder of the VIP program, you will get better presents to celebrate the day.

Points to Cash

In some online casinos, you spend money to earn points which you can later convert to withdrawable cash. VIP players get more out of this deal. They are offered lower limits, which means that they will get more cash for a smaller number of points.

Exclusive Trips and Other Prizes

It might seem impossible, but some online casinos give free trips as rewards to their frequent players. Casinos want to acknowledge their most valued members, and they usually do it with an all-paid trip to some exotic place.

But there can be many other rewards too. This can include free tickets to big events or things like TVs, computers, smartphones, etc.

King Billy Casino VIP Club

kings points

If you are looking for a good VIP program, try King Billy’s VIP Club. This casino’s loyalty program has 7 tiers, each coming with better rewards:

  • Citizen
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Count/Countess
  • Marquess/Marchioness
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • King/Queen

Mainly, the rewards revolve around points to cash, but the list goes on. These include free spins, a match bonus, a VIP host, and weekly cashback. 

The more you climb up, the more benefits you get. All Kiwis need to do is play their favourite games and earn King’s points!

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