Updated Updated: August 15, 2023

Online sites for bingo games [NZ 2024]

Online bingo in NZ is currently booming and with our bingo bonuses list you can always stay up to date with what's going on! Compare, pick your bonus and start playing bingo games for money. Read More
Online bingo has become a widely popular online game not only amongst Kiwis – it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Thanks to our guide you will learn not only about the latest bingo deals but also:

⮕ where to play bingo for money in NZ (legal sites)

⮕ best bingo games

⮕ where to find free online bingo

⮕ how to play and what to look out for

The latest research from some of the big bingo operators proves that the stereotypical bingo player doesn’t exist anymore – bingo games are now enjoyed by young and old, men and women!

Online bingo sites have adapted this highly social game perfectly and created a product that’s true to the roots of this popular game.

Online bingo is ✅safer ✅ more secure and ✅ more accessible than ever before.

The social aspect of the game makes bingo unique, and long before there were online bingo sites, people would enjoy this sociable game in bingo halls. Furthermore, technological advancements have allowed online gaming operators to replicate that crucial social aspect and create a similar sense of belonging, excitement and fun.

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Bingo games – how to find the best ones and start playing bingo for money?

There is certainly no shortage of great bingo sites on the market. Therefore, your choice will be heavily influenced by your personal preferences. This is especially true for bingo sites since they evolve much more around interaction with other people than sports betting or online casino sites.

With that being said, you need to start somewhere, and when you’re looking for a bingo site, there are a few things you should consider – and Betpal is here to guide you through them.

For starters, you should have a look at the bingo rooms offered to see if the games appeal to you. Maybe free play is crucial to you or perhaps you’re only interested in rooms with significantly big jackpots?

From there, we would suggest you have a look at the promo page. See whether the promos appeal to you. Some players look for the best deposit offers, while others might care more about giveaways, tournaments and different kinds of promos.

Another thing to consider is choosing an operator that has an app. Because even if most bingo sites run well on your phone’s web browser, a customised app can still enhance the experience of bingo games. If you tend to play a lot on mobile, you should definitely check out some of the bingo apps out there.

Last but not least, you should always check customer support and what payment methods are available. For the most part, bingo sites tend to be somewhat similar in these regards, but there can be differences when it comes to processing times and opening hours.

How do I sign up for a bingo site?

Getting started with online bingo couldn’t be any easier. Just choose one of the sites we’ve recommended and click the link to be taken straight to the operator you’ve chosen. Once you’re on the actual site, it’s all pretty straightforward. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Click Register or Sign up
  • Enter your details. In most cases, you’ll be asked to state your full name, date of birth and an email address. It’s also not uncommon for operators to ask for your postcode and telephone number
  • Choose a username and password

In a few simple steps, you’re good to go. Please note that the process might differ slightly depending on what operator you choose. But, for the most part, this is how it works. Once your account is set up, you can start playing. If the site you’ve chosen offers newbie rooms, you can play for free. If not, you’ll need to deposit before you can start playing.

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Bingo bonuses

When talking about deposits, we obviously must discuss what many players consider to be one of the most important aspects of online bingo – bonuses. 

Just like in online casinos and sports betting, bingo sites tend to offer players various bonuses to get them warmed up and give them an incentive to play. 

For the most part, these bonuses consist of extra money that you get by making a deposit. You can often come across offers saying something along the lines of “Deposit $10, play with $30” or “100% bonus up to $100”

Regardless of how it’s worded, the welcome bonuses always work the same way – you get a sum of bonus money when you deposit real money. And the sum you get is always a percentage of your deposit, up to a specified amount. When you deposit money, you’ll, therefore, notice that the real money goes into an account that’s separate from the bonus money. 

Wagering requirements and how they work

You start playing with real money, and when those funds are finished, you’ll start using your bonus funds. When playing with bonus money, you need to wager the money to convert it to real money that you can withdraw.

The wagering requirement usually lies somewhere around 30x to 40x the amount you’ve deposited. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you get a 100% bonus of up to $100 on your first deposit, and that you deposit $100. You now have a total of $200 – the $100 you deposited, and the $100 the bingo site has given you. In other words, you have $100 in your real cash balance and $100 in your bonus balance.

Let’s assume the bonus has a wagering requirement of 30x your deposit. In this case, the equation would look like this:

Deposit of $100 x 30 = $3,000 to wager.

In other words, you need to spend 3,000 to convert the bonus into real cash that you can withdraw.

Other ways to get bingo bonuses and offers

Apart from the welcome bonus, it’s not uncommon for chat hosts to hand out bonus money in the side games. These bonuses generally come with the same wagering requirements as the welcome bonuses. The difference is you don’t need to deposit any money to get them!

Furthermore, deposit bonuses aren’t the only forms of bingo offers out there. Some operators might offer you free tickets when you make a deposit or arrange cash giveaways on certain days. Always check the operator’s promo page to keep yourself updated.

Get most of your bingo games – RTP [return to player] explained

The RTP rate is one of the most important points when it comes to online bingo. The RTP (Return to Player) will define how much you would have from playing games. This infographic will show you how much you can expect to get from playing bingo online.

betpal bingo infographic

What can I expect from online bingo games?

bingo sites nz

Initially, the intention was to replicate the feeling, and atmosphere players would get in a physical bingo hall. And in physical bingo halls, social interaction has always been an essential aspect of the game. Unlike sports betting and casino games, bingo places a big emphasis on the connection between people. 

For many players, the love of the game isn’t the primary reason for them showing up at the bingo hall. In many cases, it’s a way of getting out and about and meeting people. The game becomes a common ground that brings people together, while at the same time providing excitement and fun. It’s a great way to socialise even during difficult times, as proven by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Wiliam and Kate who got involved as bingo callers on Zoom bingo with residents of a care home.

Online bingo sites are very aware of this, and therefore almost all of them focus heavily on giving players that social aspect. Ever since the inception of online bingo games, chat rooms have therefore been mandatory. This is where the players get to know each other, play games and gossip during the bingo rounds. It’s safe to say online bingo wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for these chat rooms. 

When it comes to the aesthetics of these sites, you can expect a positive tone and vibrant colours. Over the years, bingo sites have also become tidier and much more user-friendly. 

Chat hosts and side games

All chat rooms need a moderator that oversees things and makes sure that people behave appropriately. And online bingo chat rooms are no exception. Therefore, all bingo sites have chat hosts that look supervise the activity in the chat rooms. 

With time, the chat hosts have become important brand ambassadors for the bingo sites, as players often get to know them quite well. Furthermore, the chat hosts are also in charge of different chat games and side games that the bingo sites offer. These games are an excellent way for bingo players to have some extra fun, and even win bonus money that they can use in the bingo halls. The interaction between the players and the chat hosts, alongside the chat games, is an important aspect of online bingo. 

The bingo halls and different games

Online bingo sites wouldn’t be much without their bingo halls. And at most online bingo sites you’ll find several rooms to choose from. Generally, bingo sites offer a few different rooms tailored to different wallets and preferences. Each room has a unique design and its own game mechanics. When talking about game mechanics, we’re referring to the number of balls in the game and the speed at which the game is played. The general rules of bingo are, of course, prevalent in all bingo halls.

One differentiating factor is the jackpots. Many bingo rooms have varied jackpots while other rooms have set ones that stay the same. Rooms with higher jackpots are a bit more expensive, but a great choice if you’ve got some extra money to spend or want to go big.

If you’re new to online bingo, you’ll be happy to know that many bingo sites offer newbie rooms where you can play with low stakes or even completely free of charge. These rooms are a great starting point for anyone wanting to wrap their head around online bingo, or when the bankroll is limited.

There are also rooms created specifically for players who don’t like waiting. Almost all bingo sites offer speedy rooms where the games run at a significantly higher pace. That means less waiting time between the game rounds and quick winnings.

Sometimes the difference between two bingo rooms is merely cosmetic. And although that might seem like a relatively insignificant thing, the aesthetics are not to be underestimated. The ambience becomes quite important when you spend hours online, playing bingo and chatting with your friends. It sets a tone for the gaming experience in the same way beautiful graphics would do in an online slot.

Your profile page and the community

Most bingo sites let you choose an alias that’s separate from your username. That way, you can go under different identities in the bingo rooms. However, there are also quite a few bingo sites that focus more heavily on the online community aspect and allow players to create profile pages. 

These pages are very similar to any social media profile. They allow players to upload pictures and give the bingo community more detailed information about themselves. This also means that you can check out the profile pages of your fellow players and learn more about them. Furthermore, many bingo sites allow you to start private chats with other players so that you can get to know them even better. All these functions create an excellent sense of community and friendship. and in many ways capture the essence of this classic game.


You certainly can. How much depends on what rooms you play, but there are bingo rooms with thousands of dollars in the jackpot.

Again, it depends on which games you play. There are slower versions and super quick rooms where you really need to be alert.

Not really. This game’s entirely based on luck, and all online bingo games are run by RNG engines that ensure all game results are completely random.

Sometimes. There is no general answer to this question as the side games are entirely at the operator’s discretion.

Yes. As long as you sign up with licensed operators, you have nothing to worry about. All licensed operators are inspected regularly and use advanced encryption software to keep your information protected.

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