Updated Updated: January 26, 2023

Online Bingo in Canada | Play for Real Money

We bring you best online bingo sites available to Canadian players. With several safe payment methods, huge bonuses, and the chance to play online bingo for real money, both new and existing players have enough incentives to play. Read More

Besides, many online casinos match dollar for dollar on deposits allowing you to get the best experience while playing bingo for money. This article gives a comprehensive overview of:

✅ how to play the different types of bingo online,
✅ the best strategies, hacks, and tips for winning real money,
✅ the pros and cons of online bingo,
✅ the difference between the real money and free versions.

Stay tuned, as you will find all the answers to the most common questions about games of online bingo in Canada.

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How to Play Bingo Online

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Playing bingo online is straightforward. The steps below highlight the process of starting your bingo play online.

  1. Sign up: The general process of registration is similar across all bingo sites albeit, with slight variations. Having understood how bingo works, you can navigate your way to any of our recommended casinos. Once on the homepage, you can start the registration process. You would need to put in your personal and banking information and read the Terms and conditions before creating your account.

  2. Collect the welcome bonus: You would be given a bonus offer if you are new to the bingo casino. You can leverage this bonus to play your favourite bingo games. Sometimes, you may be required to make an initial deposit before being able to access the bonus. Pay attention to the bonus T&Cs though as not all welcome bonuses are available on certain bingo games.

  3. Start playing: Choose your preferred bingo game and buy a ticket. Listen to the numbers called by the bingo caller and tick the matching ones on your card. The numbers are called at random and the aim is to tick all the corresponding digits on your ticket before anyone else. You score a winning combo when you mark off all five numbers in the column or fifteen if it is a full house. Other winning combos could be through inside or outside corners, postage stamps, small diamonds, and so on. While playing, you can have conversations with other players through the chat facility.

  4. Bingo! Once you get a winning pattern, you can shout “bingo” (This is automatic with online bingo). Once you understand these steps, you have known how to play bingo.

Types of Bingo Online

There are several types of online bingo games. However, we’ll discuss only the most popular ones.

75-ball (5 x 5 grid)

This is the most popular bingo game type. Players in the original 75-ball bingo game are given a card with five columns and five rows containing 25 numbers.

You will find  a letter at the top of each column that spells the word “BINGO.” There is no number in the very center of the grid in row 3 on column 3. A star, the word “free,” or the phrase “free space” are commonly used to designate that center square.

bingo 75 card

80-ball (4 x 4 grid)

If you are one of those who feel that the 90-ball is way too slow and you are also not a big fan of the 75-ball, the 80-ball bingo is ideal for you. The card comprises a 4×4 layout with 16 numbers in total. Different colours demarcate the columns and 20 numbers make up a group.

Several winning combos are possible with the 80-ball. The most common is the one line and four corners winning combo while marking off the entire 4×4 card results in a full house win.

bingo 80 card

90-ball (4 x 4 grid)

Here, 90 balls numbered 1 to 90 are used. The card has 27 numbers arranged in three horizontal lines and there are nine spaces each. Columns contain 5 numbers and four empty squares.

You can get a full house by marking all the numbers on your card although you might still win prizes for completing only one or two lines.

bingo 90 card

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LeoVegas puts at your disposal a section specially dedicated to online bingo for real money with all the variants as well as a bonus for new players.

bingo en ligne argent reel: Life Begins at Leo
Life Begins at Leo
bingo en ligne argent reel: Lion's Roar
Lion’s Roar
bingo en ligne argent reel: Leo's Lucky 7
Leo’s Lucky 7
bingo en ligne argent reel: Leo's Legs
Leo’s Legs
bingo en ligne argent reel: Lions in Heaven
Lions in Heaven
bingo en ligne argent reel: Lion Queen
Lion Queen

New customers only. Minimum deposit $10. 18+. T&Cs apply.

How to Win Real Money at Bingo Online?

To win real money, you must first choose the ideal bingo game for you.

ℹ️ Things to consider include the buy-in amount, number of players, theme, jackpot amount, game length, and software.

Playing bingo for money does not require much skill, so you must be patient while having as much fun as possible. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning real money:

  • Remain focused: While this sounds pretty easy, people often get distracted with things around them and might miss a number that could make all the difference.
  • Make the most of your tickets: You could consider buying as many tickets as you can to increase your chances of winning over time. However, be sure to stay within your means.
  • The fewer the better: Pick bingo rooms with fewer players and only play a few cards at a time. This way, you can increase your chances of winning real money.
  • Strategy: Adopt a strategy that works for you and go for games with relatively low-ticket prices.
  • Quitting is an option: This might sound counterintuitive but when things are not going as planned, it is important to quit once you have exhausted your budget. Never spend money that you cannot afford to lose.

Strategy and Tips for Real Money Bingo Online

Much of online bingo Canada depends on luck but there are a few strategies and hacks to learn for a better shot at that jackpot.

Granville strategy: Joseph Granville, a financial writer, developed this strategy. It suggests that more than 60% of the first ten balls drawn have different last digits. Since a ball has 1 in 75 chances in the 75-ball bingo, once you draw 15, lesser balls ending with 5 are left. Thus, the best approach to this strategy is to have a card with many different last digits with a uniform number of even and odd numbers as well as high and low numbers. A drawback of the strategy is that you can hardly choose your own card numbers on online bingo.

Tippett strategy: Developed by a British statistician, Leonard Tippett, the strategy suggests that the more balls are called, the closer they get to the median number (40 in 80-ball). The logic continues that the fewer the balls called, the more likely the numbers are placed at either of the extremes. We can conclude that games with straight lines take lesser time than more complex patterns. Still, a drawback here is that there is hardly any way of picking numbers in online bingo. 

Multi-card strategy: This is a much simpler strategy more commonly employed among land-based casinos although it has started gaining a lot of traction at online casinos. The logic here is all about playing multiple bingo cards at one time. This idea increases your potential for winning patterns across more cards particularly where there are less crowded rooms. Although the multi-card strategy is not as complex as the previous two, it has proven to be much more effective for online bingo players. 

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Differences Between Real Money Bingo and Free Bingo Online

Online bingo for real money and free bingo online in Canada are similar in many ways. The criteria for gameplay is the same with both but there are a few subtle differences to look out for:

  • Cost: The most obvious difference is that free bingo games do not cost anything. All games without an entry fee are seen as free bingo games. On the other hand, gamblers pay small amounts of money for real money bingo.
  • Lower prizes: It is expected that free bingo games online would have much lower prizes and stakes compared to real money games. Operators choose a little prize pool (determined by the number of participants and entry fee) since they do not make any money from entry fees and buy-ins.They then honour the prize pool once the game has been won. Buy-ins cover the prize pool with bingo for money.
  • Limited access: The number of free online bingo rolls a player can participate in might be limited to a certain quota every day, week, or month. However, with online bingo for real money, there are no such limits.
  • Prizes might be earned: You can withdraw prizes instantly with real money bingo but they might have to be earned by placing a wagering requirement with bingo online free rolls.

Bingo on Mobile

bingo on mobile

Bingo on mobile is available to Canadian gamblers. You can access popular bingos on casinos from your mobile devices whether Android, iPhone, or tablet. Bingo sites have included chat rooms and several other interactive features to increase the community feel between players for a better online experience. Players can discuss strategy and give feedback on their experience to developers who can then improve the games.

Players across Canada have the luxury of playing on bingo sites on the go 24/7, using their mobile phones. Not only can players play bingo online, but they can play on their tablets, as well. With bingo on mobile, there are many more options for gamblers, games are also faster, and the stakes are higher than with physical bingo halls. Note that hardly any feature is lost on bingo play online despite the smaller screens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Bingo

Like almost every other thing in life, online bingo comes with its pros and cons.

  • Comfort. You do not need to leave your couch to access your favourite bingo. You can simply play on your desktop or mobile device anywhere and anytime.
  • Variety. You will find many more games at bingo sites than at any bingo hall.
  • Games and overall play are much faster online.
  • There are better and more payment options with online bingos
  • Cost-effective. You can save money on transportation, food, drinks, and accommodation by simply playing at home.
  • Prize jackpots could hit very high numbers
  • Reduced social interaction. Despite the availability of chats and online forums, online bingo still lacks the bigger sense of experiencing a palpable community.
  • No night out experience. Playing at a bingo hall while relaxing with friends and a couple of drinks while listening to good music is something you cannot get from online bingos.
  • You need a good internet connection and a compatible device to play.
  • Bingo sites could be quite addictive.


Yes. Playing online bingo for real money is legal in Canada, given that the online casino is offshore. Also, players must be over 18 years old in order to participate in any form of gambling.

Ontario: Starting from 4 April 2022, Ontario launched its new licensing regime, according to which only entities licensed in Ontario can offer gaming services to people resident in Ontario.

The gameplay is the same for physical and online bingo. However, the difference lies in having quick fingers and paying attention to keep up with calls in the bingo hall at physical casinos. This process is much easier online as the system crosses the numbers off for you while you are at the comfort of your home. Another notable difference is that online bingo sites have a wider portfolio of bingo games and more buy-in options with deposit bonuses and promotions available.

Choosing the best bingo game depends on your needs, playing style, and preferences. If you prefer classics, then the 90-ball might be a good idea. If you want more variety and winning options, the 75-ball is ideal while the 80-ball is great for those who do not have patience for the 90-ball. Finally, if you want your games moving faster than anything else, the 30-ball is a great option.

No. Online bingo games from reputable casinos are regularly audited to ensure fair play to customers. Be sure to only use licensed and trustworthy operators who use random bingo generators as bingo could actually be fixed in blacklisted or scam bingo casinos.

Yes. Several bingo sites in Canada offer free online bingo games for practice and more entertainment value within the community. You can try out the free bingo games in the casinos we have recommended.