High Stakes Poker: Episode 4 – Underwhelming appearance of Garrett Adelstein

Updated Updated: January 26, 2023

Professional poker player and former Survivor contestant, Garrett Adelstein, made his much-awaited appearance on a brand new episode of High Stakes Poker. However, fans and Garrett himself were less than impressed with his performance at the poker table on Monday night. He later admitted he wasn’t in the right headspace and vowed to play better next time.

Interestingly, Adelstein wasn’t the only new player to make a debut on HSP, as we also saw the appearance of Jennifer Tilly, Krish Menon, and Xuan Liu. It was hugely refreshing to see some new faces and playing styles on High Stakes Poker season 9 stream, as it brings a feeling of freshness and excitement.

Adelstein gets things rolling with the Kings

One of the most popular up-and-comers in the poker world, Adelstein has been featured on Live at the Bike and Hustler Casino Live before, but this is his first attendance on HSP, which may surprise some people.

Also returning to the table for episode four of High Stakes Poker season 9 stream were Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius, and Tom Dwan, while casino streamer Kim Hultman returned for his third appearance. Dwan still didn’t have the best of luck and Brunson wasn’t playing as well as he did in episode three, but the storylines of this new episode belonged more to the new players.

Adelstein bought in for $200,000 and kicked the session off by playing under the gun to $1,200 in a $200/$400 cash game by picking up the Jack of Clubs and 8 of Hearts.

It was Antonius who made the first bold move by raising to $1,100 using the Ace of Spades and 6 of Hearts, but Menon three-bet to $3,600 using the King of Clubs and Queen of Clubs. Adelstein got lucky with a King of Spades and King of Diamonds in the big blind and raised to $14,000. This was too much for Antonius, who promptly folded.

Menon made the forceful five-bet move to $28,200, and viewers were keen to see what happened between him and Adelstein, who have played together before on Hustler Casino Live.

The flop arrive as the 8 of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, and 6 of Clubs, and Menon contained his insistent tactics by betting $50,000 after Adelstein decided to check. Menon went all-in with his remaining $57,000, but as Adelstein had only a king-high and no draw, couldn’t make the call and the winnings went to Menon.

Adelstein High Stakes Poker Season 9 stream

Xuan Liu makes a bad move

The last poker session of the episode wrapped up with Xuan Liu raising a straddled pot to $2,500 with the Ace of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts. An interesting battle started to happen against Jennifer Tilly (the small blind), who called with the King of Hearts and Jack of Hearts. When the flop arrived, as a Six of Spades, Ace of Hearts, and Queen of Spades, it was Xuan Liu betting $3,500 with a top two.

As Tilly called and a 6 of Diamonds emerged on the turn, Xuan Liu bet once more for $10,000, but Tilly bluffed and raised it to $30,000

Xuan Liu called, but was shocked to see Tilly get a straight when the 10 of Clubs appeared on the river. Tilly was sitting on $101,000 and bet a brick of cash ($50,000), but Xuan Liu chose not to fold and ended up losing a giant $173,000 pot.

The next episode of High Stakes Poker season 9 stream can be streamed exclusively next Monday on PokerGO at 5pm PT. Make sure you grab a subscription to watch all the exciting poker action unfold, including all the previous episodes already online.