Tilly makes bold moves in exciting HSP action

Updated Updated: January 26, 2023

On episode five of season 9’s High Stakes Poker, it was actress Jennifer Tilly who was definitely the most aggressive and confident play during the course of the show. There’s no doubt that the sizes of the stacks are increasing, along with the very generous pots, which sets up some thrilling future rounds of HSP.

Of course, online poker in Canada feels like it is increasing in popularity ever since the latest episodes of High Stakes Poker hit screens. It takes years of skill to reach the level of these TV players, but sometimes a bit of luck is all you need to earn a great pot.

Doyle and Tilly go head-to-head

To kick things off on episode five of High Stakes Poker, it was newcomer Jennifer Tilly going up against 88-year-old poker star, Doyle Brunson. During the $200/$400 no-limit hold’ em cash game, it was Brunson’s Ace of Hearts and 8 of Diamonds against Tilly’s King of Clubs and 7 of Clubs. Although Finn Patrik Antonius stuck around for a while, he folded before things got too crazy.

When the flop arrived as the 4 of Spades, King of Diamonds, and 2 of Diamonds, both players checked to find the Jack of Hearts appearing on the turn. It was Tilly who bet $3,000 using a top pair, but Brunson raised the stakes to $15,000. Tilly held firm and she and Brunson saw the 3 of Spades on the turn.

Brunson used his best “poker face” and actually bet $26,000 on a complete bluff, but Tilly (perhaps helped from her acting career) saw through it all and raked in the pot worth $90,000 using her top pair.

After the intense round, fans will no doubt want to see if they can attempt something similar by looking at the best online casinos and perhaps bluffing their way to big prizes.

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Brunson makes his epic comeback

Without missing a beat, Brunson moved on to the next game and this one was far more beneficial for the poker legend. This game featured a showdown with LA poker player, Garrett Adelstein, who will likely stick around on HSP for several more episodes.

Adelstein, with the Jack of Hearts and Jack of Clubs, raised to $1,200 early on, while Brunson called using the Ace of Hearts and 4 of Hearts. Adelstein made sure the pot was worth it, as he bet $20,000, which made everyone else fold except for Brunson.

When the flop arrived as the 3 of Clubs, 4 of Spades, and 4 of Clubs, this was advantageous for Brunson who made a $15,000 bet before seeing the 7 of Clubs on the turn. When Adelstein checked, Brunson shocked viewers by going all-in for $55,000, and Adelstein did the same, with the players deciding to run it twice.

The first river turned out to be the Ace of Clubs, which resulted in a full house for Brunson, while the second river was the 9 of Spades, which was of little use to Adelstein, who could only facepalm as he lost the huge $193,000 pot.

While there were several other games over the course of the episode, it was clear that Jennifer Tilly and Doyle Brunson were the stars of this particular show. It’s also refreshing to see more female players get a chance to shine on-screen, as poker is typically seen as a male-dominated game.

The High Stakes Poker season 9 stream will again continue with episode 6 next Monday at 5pm PT. The entire season can only be watched using a PokerGO subscription. So, if you’re a keen poker fan, then don’t miss a second of the entertainment on HSP.